opakowania foliowe

Our Offer

Colorful foil wraps

opakowania foliowe

Colorful multilayer wraps

laminaty wielowarstwowe

Colorful aluminum seals (platynki)

platynki aluminiowe

We offer

our customers a broad range of:

  • Printed foil on a roll for an automatic packaging
  • Laminates with a print between the layers for packaging butter, margarine etc
  • Platynki with a print
    Platynki are used for sealing not only small plastic containers in dairy packaging (cheese spreads, yogurts,sour cream etc) but also plastic cups (pate,minced meat products,lard) The seal is made of an aluminum foil. Our product line carries the seals of many kinds such as flat or perforated, on roll etc. We offer aluminum seals (platynki) produced in a sheet or cut outs
  • Foil bags for wrapping bread , fruit or vegetable
  • foil packages for packaging candy- candy wrappers
  • labels for drinks such as Staropolanka.,Coca Cola, mineral water, (Veroni). Labels can be made of paper or foil
  • Wraps for packaging blocks of butter consisting of paper, aluminum and polyethylene foil characterized by high density

Our printing house "Camell" is very flexible to suit the clients' needs because it has substantial productivity power to fulfill new orders

Our packaging is used for:

  • pasta, groats, rice
  • bread
  • cookies such as Delicje, Regionalne and Herbatniki etc.
  • salty sticks (Beskidskie, Lajkonik etc)
  • ice cream such as Sniezka, Magnum, Grand itp
  • candy(made of chocolate, gelatin, hard with filling inside, fudge such as Polish Michalki,Galaretki, Krowki, Kukulki etc
  • chocolate bars like Snikers, Mars
  • Chips like Flipsy
  • dry fruit & nut, spices
  • coffee and tea
  • frozen produce

Check out what the machines can print on Check out the patterns for aluminum seals(platynki)