opakowania foliowe


Camell manufactures packaging
for the following categories:

  • dry food- pasta,groats,rice
  • confectionery- cookies, foil wraps for sweets like candy etc.
  • snacks -bread sticks ,dry fruit & nuts
  • laminate for butter, margarine
  • chips
  • frozen food
  • cosmetics and cleaning products


Camell manufactures
paper and foil labels
for the following products:

  • labels for jars
  • labels for bottles
  • labels for cans


Camell manufactures aluminum foil lids made out of aluminum(platynki) especially designed for sealing dairy products such as:

  • lids for sour cream
  • lids for yogurt
  • lids for cheese
  • lids for kefir
  • lids for pate, meat pie pastry..
  • lids for products made of minced meat